The Kolkata traffic police department and the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) seem to be in a dilemma over the issue of free taxi parking in the city.

The traffic police has declined the civic body’s proposal of supervising and taking control of those parking spots where taxis are allowed to park, citing shortage of manpower and urging to create extensions for these parking spaces for parking of cabs.

The traffic police has also asked the civic authorities to entrust the private cooperative societies already in charge of fee parking areas to man the free parking spaces allotted to taxis as well.

The letter sent to the civic authorities mentions, "these fee parking spaces are leased out by KMC to private operators against which revenue is earned by KMC." The letter goes on to suggest, "The responsibility of proper utilisation of these Taxi Parking Spaces may be given to these private operators."

The civic body on their part in their reply has refused to accept the clauses and suggestions of the traffic department and insisted that these free taxi parking spaces be continued to be manned by the traffic police. In a letter addressed to the traffic police department, the civic body clearly states, "the supervision of those taxi stand spaces should be with the traffic department of Kolkata Police."

The letter further mentions, "Kolkata Traffic police has to ensure such parking and proper utilisation of the designated space."

The Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) and Kolkata Police had come together to implement the decision to allot Kolkata free parking zone for yellow cabs last year. It was decided that the identified taxi space will be demarcated by yellow colours and the traffic police department will deploy officers to man these stretches.

Though the process of demarcating spots has been underway for sometime now, the traffic police having encountered the problem, that work may get hampered, sources say.

Amidst this confusion, it remains to be seen how the civic body manages to fulfil its earlier promise of regulating these taxi parking zones and curbing irregularities in parking.