cabinet has met 57 times, taking host of decisions over 2 yrs
Arunima Ghosh
[email protected]

Kolkata, 14 November
In the wake of a plethora of decisions taken by the state government, chief minister Mamata Banerjee has asked her colleagues to review and submit reports on the outcome of Cabinet decisions taken since the Trinamul Congress came to power. 
A letter in this regard was received by the ministers from the Cabinet secretary recently.
The Cabinet has met 57 times in the past two and a half  years  and a host of decisions were taken in those meetings. Miss Banerjee wants the ministers to review the outcome of the decisions, pertaining to their respective departments, that were taken in the past 57 meetings. The ministers are supposed to come up with initiatives that have been taken following those decisions and their present status. 
Cabinet meetings, which were earlier held once a month, is now hosted twice per month 
Though the move was common during Left Front’s tenure, this is for the first time that Cabinet decisions will be reviewed by Miss Banerjee. The erstwhile government reviewed decisions at Alimuddin Street and a friday was allotted every month for this task. 
Sources at Nabanna said the move, which will leave many ministers in trouble, might pave the way for a Cabinet reshuffle as well.
But, a Cabinet minister argued that reviewing a department’s work was nothing new. “Miss Banerjee inquires on progress of important projects and initiatives from time to time. Now, we have been asked to review and come up with reports,” said the minister.