five police commissionerates to start new uniform
sankha ghosh
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Siliguri, 4 August
The Siliguri Metropolitan Police today introduced a new uniform for the cops here leaving the traditional khaki uniform to don a blue and white colour combination that has made many police officials upset.
The state home department had decided last year that the new uniform with blue and white will be introduced in five police commissionerates ~ Siliguri, Bidhannagar, Howrah, Barrackpore, Asansol-Durgapur.
Policemen ranking from the constables up to the inspectors are using the uniform.
There are around 850 constables, around 220 assistant sub-inspectors (ASI), almost 100 sub-inspectors (SI) and 12 inspectors.
“According to the government order we introduced the new uniform. On the occasion of the first anniversary of the police set up here on 5 August, we have decided to introduce the new uniforms from 4 August, “said the Siliguri Metropolitan Police commissioner, Mr K
The dress code comprises a blue cap, white shirt, dark blue trousers, and black shoes.
A police officer sounded disappointment over the issue.
Apart from voicing concerns about the force of losing its identity he said that Khaki is more suitable for police work than blue and white.
“No one is happy in our force over the decision. How a traditional uniform, which is being used since the British era can be changed,” a police officer said.
“We feel proud wearing the khaki uniform, it has many advantages,” he also said.
“The blue and white uniform is similar to the uniform colour of the private security agencies. We are terribly upset," the police officer added.
Another police inspector has said if the uniform is introduced then there should be no discrimination between the IPS officers below their ranks over the issue of uniform.
“If the change is inevitable then there should be no discrimination. The Khaki uniform used to be worn from the top to the bottom in the force, then why is there a discrimination now?" asked the inspector.
Many constables are not convinced about the decision of the new uniform.
“The chief minister likes the colour so the government offices, bridges have been painted with the colour,” a constable said. “But does she has any right to change the colour of the police uniform?" the constable added.