Alleging her of breaching the model code of conduct, BJP leader Rajib Banerjee on Monday warned Mamata Banerjee after her meeting with RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav at Nabanna in Kolkata.

TMC-turncoat Rajib threatened that he would raise a complaint to Election Comission asking how the TMC supremo was allowed to host Tejashwi at the state secretariat after the schedule of assembly polls had been announced.

Rajib said, “How could Mamata Banerjee have political talks with Tejashwi Yadav at the secretariat after the announcement of election dates. Is this not a breach of model code of conduct? I’ll complaint to Election Comission.”

Accusing the West Bengal Chief Minister of hypocrisy, the BJP leader from Howrah added, “She’s always calling everyone outsiders. But today she’s meeting Tejashwi Yadav and dreaming to return to power.”

“With the debate if outsiders and insiders, Mamata Banerjee is spreading the poison of regionalism. It is more harmful than communalism. She is doing divisive politics,” he added. “Were we not outsiders when she sent us to Assam and Tripura for TMC’s campaigning?”

Seeking to forge unity among secular parties in the West Bengal assembly elections, Tejashwi met Mamata on Monday and appealed to the people from Bihar domiciled here to vote for the ruling TMC.

Emerging from a meeting with the TMC chief at the state secretariat, Lalu Prasad Yadav’s son said that the first priority of his party was to stop the BJP”s progress in West Bengal.

He, however, avoided giving a straightforward answer to questions by journalists about whether the RJD will contest the elections in alliance with the TMC, saying the upcoming polls will be a fight for saving “ideals and values”.

“Our party”s stand is to provide full support to Mamataji,” he said, appealing to the people from Bihar domiciled in Bengal to stand with Banerjee”s party.

Mamata, on her part, said she and jailed RJD supremo Lalu prasad share “mutual respect”.

“When we are fighting, it is brother Tejashwi who is also fighting, we are together,”

With agency inputs