At a mammoth rally in Pursurah, West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee warned of BJP’s spurious campaigns to vilify her and TMC by injecting fake video clips and information on social media to mislead citizens.

Miss Banerjee today urged people to uproot BJP from Bengal and pulp any chances of their making a comeback.

In her address, she lashed out at the defectors who switched camps to BJP, and said, ones who joined BJP have only done it to convert their accumulated black money to white. The Trinamul supremo clarified that anyone else who is willing to join the saffron brigade may quit now.

“The ones who left knew they would not be getting tickets in the coming elections. It is good they exited, or else we would have thrown them out… Those who want to leave the party should do that as early as possible,” Banerjee added.

Raking the recent incident at Victoria Memorial where an incensed Miss Banerjee refused to make her speech after a group from the audience chanted, ‘Jai Shri Ram’, she said, “It was a well-planned dirty game to dishonour Netaji, Bengal and its people. BJP is a party which takes much interest in violence, blood-shed and communal violence.”

Branding the BJP as a group of “outsiders” and “Bharat Jalao Party”, she said it has been continuously insulting the icons of Bengal, Netaji being the “latest addition to the list”.

“Would you invite anyone to your house and then insult the person? Is this the culture of Bengal or our country? I would have had no problem if slogans hailing Netaji were raised. “But they didn’t do that. To taunt me, they shouted slogans which had no relation to the programme. I was insulted in front of the prime minister of the country. This is their (BJP) culture,” the TMC boss told a rally here.

The TMC supremo further encouraged her party’s booth workers to keep the foundation of the party strong and promised to continue with more beneficiary schemes and projects. She added that she feels proud and honoured to be called a booth worker rather than be known as a party leader.

Miss Banerjee highlighted that the recrudescence of the flood situation in Pursurah – Khanakul- Arambagh have been brought under control with more than two lakhs big deep reservoirs, constructed to prevent the flow of flood waters into the villages. This has prevented loss of lives and property to a great extent.

With many not having received the Swastha Saathi card yet, Miss Banerjee explained: though the cashless Swastha Sathi card is being issued at a much faster pace, the biotech machine used for the final issue of the medical card, has its daily output limitations.