As Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today alleged that Union Home Minister Amit Shah had been interfering in day-to-day work of the Election Commission of India, and BJP leadership, on the other hand, called the CM “dictator”, Darjeeling’s BJP MP Raju Bista alleged that the Trinamul Congress had practically made the police force and bureaucracy the party’s “extended frontal organisations.”

“Mamata ji has used police to arrest opposition leaders, harass them, threaten and torture their families. She is also the Home Minister of Bengal. She suffers from this disease, where she sees all the wrong she does as being done by others,” Bista said.

“She is a dictator, she is an autocrat and when she points fingers at Amit Shah ji, she doesn’t realize three are pointing back at her,” he added.

Banerjee had earlier wondered if a Union Home Minister can run the country. “Who is running the Election Commission of India? Amit Shah is interfering in dayto-day working of the EC. My security officials have been withdrawn,” she said today during a political rally in South Bengal.

Banerjee also said: “Will he decide which agency will chase political leaders and officials? He came to Kolkata last night and hatched a plan to arrest our leaders and issue notices to top state government officials.”

“The BJP is trying hard to come to power forcibly in Bengal,” Banerjee said.