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KOLKATA, 13 JULY: The CPI-M state secretary, Mr Biman Bose (in file photo), today rubbished charges of financial irregularities raised against him by the Trinamul Congress leader Ms Dola Sen. 
Asking Ms Sen to do her homework by going through the CPI-M’s party constitution, the veteran leader sought to take the battle to the camp of his political opponent asking the chief minister, Miss Mamata Banerjee to name the person who has bought her painting by a huge amount.  
After explaining that the sum in the bank account is owned by the party and he and former state industries minister are mere account holders, Mr Bose stated some of the sources like levy from party members which helps in accumulating the funds. As for the “baseless charges”, the veteran leader said: “It is owing to the political immaturity of the 15-year old Trinamul Congress which is yet to reach adulthood.” 
“The canard has been necessitated by the ongoing panchayat elections though I do not even have anything of my own” Mr Bose said. “After all, the chief minister owns the house where she lives but I have left mine years ago.” he said.  
“We have to know from the chief minister’s speeches that her party organ Jago Bangla has a fund of seven to eight crore rupees.” Mr Bose said. “I wonder how it had been acquired.” he added.  
“Since the state government’s functioning has come to a standstill, it is trying to divert attention by inventing mysterious things.” Mr Bose said. “This  unsubstantiated charge is one of them.” he felt.  
As for Ms Sen, the Left Front chairman said: “In her ignorance she had described me as the party’s general secretary and not the state secretary.” “It is Mr Prakash Karat who is the sole general secretary of the party” he said. “Mr Narendra Modi’s comment of a car running over a puppy is not expected from a national level leader and a longtime chief minister” the Left Front chairman said while reacting on Mr Modi’s recent comment. 
“The future of national politics would be damaged if he continues in this vein.” he added. "I  know if Mr Mitra is a minister but I am not aware if he has become the police minister of the state” Mr Bose commented when told that the state transport minister has said that an extremist group is operating near the city.