Left Front chairman Biman Bose on Saturday admitted that there were lapses in the selection of candidates by the Front, as a result of which some elected representatives had recently defected to the ruling Trinamul Congress in some districts in the state. Referring to the defection of some elected representatives of the Left Front and Congress in districts like Murshidabad, Bose condemned the move to engineer defection of elected representatives of Opposition parties by the Trinamul Congress.

The ruling party has been making all-out attempts to ensure that the state is free of any opposition party, he alleged. He told a questioner after a Left Front meeting that there must be some lapses in the process of candidate selection by Left Front units concerned. Bose slammed the ruling party for luring Opposition members to defect by offering money or by holding out threats. According to him, This is the latest bid by the Trinamul Congress to ensure that there is no Opposition party in the state.

A source in the Left Front said that the Front partners discussed the state government’s move to change the state’s official name and asked the LF legislature party to initiate discussions in this regard. Left Front constituents are of the view that the change of nomenclature of the state should be based on the previous LF government’s move in this direction and considering the historical reasons connected to it, the source said. CPI state secretary Probodh Panda suggested that a committee, headed by a renowned litterateur be formed by the state government, which should talk to all sections of the society before taking a final decision. It is not enough to discuss the issue at the political level only, he said.