Days after they were evacuated from their homes at Syakra Para Lane, two octogenarians passed away in their new refuges today. With the memories of cracks and crevices the last recollections of their homes that had sheltered them through thick and thin, and their hopes of returning there never to be fulfilled, the two, refugees in their own city, surrendered to their ailments.

Ganesh Prasad Gupta, an 85-year-old businessman of 10, Syakra Para Lane died in a private city hospital. The ailing octogenarian, who had been discharged from the hospital a week before the evacuation call, had to be sent back to the hospital, as his sons and grandsons did not want him to face the hassles of staying at hotels without proper treatment. Still longing to return to his recently refurbished house, the elderly businessman surrendered to his ailments this morning.

Anjali Mallick, an 88-yearold resident of 2/1B Syakra Para Lane, who was evacuated out of her house for the second time on 2 September, too will never return home. Her ailment, which had aggravated due to the trauma of losing her house, led to her death last night, according to her family members. Although both the elderly citizens had been suffering from ailments that are common in old age, the fear of losing their homes and means of livelihood had caused them considerable mental stress, alleged the members of both the families.“

The trauma of leaving the house had increased my mother’s mental stress,” alleged the daughter of Anjali Mallick. The family of Ganesh Prasad Gupta voiced similar allegations. “The trauma of losses in business and the house, had affected him badly,” said a family member.