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At RG Kar Medical College and Hospital, patients unhappy with services

While the OPD started functioning Tuesday, patient parties in RG Kar Medical College and Hospital reported that doctors were taking multiple breaks, and there was unnecessary delay in treatment. Other patients said that the treatment process was much slower than usual.

Statesman News Service | Kolkata |

Even as regular services resumed in government medical colleges and hospitals around the city, patients are yet to be relieved of their troubles caused due to irregular attendance of doctors in the OPDs.

While the OPD departments at the RG Kar Medical College and Hospital started functioning today, patient parties at the hospital reported that doctors were taking multiple breaks, and there was unnecessary delay in treatment.

“Doctors are not coming frequently, and the only relief is that nurses are tending to basic wounds in the mean time,” said Soubhik Ali Mondal, whose came to admit a relative who had fallen from a tree. Another visitor, Tanuja Bibi, who got her child admitted to the sick newborn care unit, said that the treatment process was slower than normal.

Announcements were being made during the OPD visiting hours, asking patients to keep their calm and treat doctors and medical staff with courtesy. Police deployment was quite visible at the hospital.

Meanwhile, a new set of complications arose out of yesterday’s meeting between the chief minister Mamata Banerjee and the junior doctors wherein the former had instructed that only two family members should be allowed with each patient inside the emergency ward.

At Calcutta Medical College and Hospital, it was observed that only one family member was being allowed to accompany the patient, increasing problems for the patient parties.

“It is really problematic for a single family member to handle a patient along with all the belongings, and even the hospital staff is not helping enough in this situation,” said a patient’s relative who wished not to be named.

Some patients alleged that the OPD departments were also reported as “not functioning” by some patients.

The hospital staff, however, claimed that proper treatment was being given, and all patients who were issued an OPD ticket, were attended to.

The hospital walls bore messages like ‘Behave patiently with doctors’ and ‘Be cool, patient is our God’. The gates of the 184-yearold institution which were shut during the week long junior doctors’ protest were all open. Amidst higher police deployment, many senior police officials were reported to be visiting the hospital.