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BHANGOR, 1 JUNE: District Trinamul leaders feel former Bhangor MLA Arabul Islam’s nomination for Bhangor-II panchayat samiti in the upcoming rural polls may end his political career. There could be a conspiracy to defeat him, they said.
A controversial politician, Mr Islam earned party supremo Mamata Banerjee’s wrath. He was arrested and sent to jail for 44 days on charges of assaulting Rejjak Mollah at Kantatala in Bhangor. Mr Islam was also charged for allegedly assaulting a professor of Bhangor college. Miss Banerjee was annoyed with him and was hence sidelined from the party, Trinamul sources said. Despite the incidents, the party’s state level leaders allowed him to contest as a candidate for Polerhat-II panchayat samiti under Bhangor-II block. No one had any power to allow Mr Islam as a panchayat samiti candidate without Miss Banerjee’s consent. And so some Trinamul leaders feel there could be a conspiracy.
They suspect the party wants to end his political career because in the 2011 Assembly election, Mr Islam had lost to a CPI-M candidate by a margin of 2,990 votes while his party rival Mohammad Nanno Hossain had got more than 10,000 votes as an Independent candidate.
A district party leader said this could be a conspiracy to end Mr Islam’s career.  It seems Mr Islam himself is suspicious. When asked of his chances of winning, Mr Islam said: “I’m confident of winning, but if the leaders wish to nominate me as a sabhapati of the samiti, I’ll take the responsibility.”
The rival group led by Mohammad Nanno Hossain didn’t make any comment on Mr Islam’s nomination. A leader of this faction said: “Sabhapati selection for the panchayat samiti would be made later but he has to win the election first.”