Statesman News Service
Raiganj, 1 October
A total of 65,300 migratory birds like Open Bill Stork, Cormorant, Egret and Night Heron turned up in Kulick Bird Sanctuary in Raiganj of North Dinajpur this year. In order to count the number of migratory birds in Kulick Bird Sanctuary, the officials of Raiganj Social Forestry division of North Dinajpur district conducted a census on birds last week.
The members of non-governmental organisations and the staff of Raiganj Social Forestry division jointly conducted this survey. The officials of Raiganj Social forestry division expect that Kulick Bird Sanctuary may be the largest bird sanctuary in Asia in respect of the number of birds this year, though it is now the second largest in Asia.
It is learnt that Kulick Bird Sanctuary is situated on around 35 acre of land at the bank of Kulick river in Raiganj of North Dinajpur district. This bird sanctuary is regarded as the second largest bird sanctuary in Asia. Every year, several thousand different migratory birds like Open Bill Stork, Cormorant, Egret and Night Heron turn up at this sanctuary. The converge of birds starts from June onward. During their stay, they mate and give birth to young ones, and begin leaving the sanctuary around November.
Every year, numerous tourists from different districts of the state and other states turn up here to enjoy the beauty of this bird sanctuary.
The Divisional Forest Officer of Raiganj Social Forestry division, Mr Dwiparna Kumar Dutta, said: "In order to conduct the census of birds, we engaged the members of five NGOs. They along with our staff conducted this census. Some birds are also nesting on trees in the nearby locality. The NGO members took them into counting after visiting the nearby places. We have at last totaled the number of birds to 65,300.”
He said last year, the number was around 66,000. The sanctuary was declared the second largest bird sanctuary in Asia two decades ago. In 1995, there were 36,468 migratory birds in our bird sanctuary, said Mr Dutta.
“This number has now reached around 66,000. We think our bird sanctuary may be the largest bird sanctuary in Asia this year. Such a large number of birds don’t flock together in any other sanctuary in Asia,” he said.