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KOLKATA, 27 JUNE: It is hard to find proper people to guide the universities as good academics are reluctant to go into administration, said Professor Sugata Marjit, chairman of West Bengal State Council of Higher Education today, in a seminar organised by the Bengal Chamber of Commerce commemorating the 150 birth anniversary of Sir Asutosh Mukherjee. 
“The problem is nationwide. There are very few good people in higher education. And they are reluctant to go into administration because they think that their research work would be hampered. This reluctance is because the administration has always suffered in the hands of incompetent people. So now it is tough for us to convince good academics to take up administration,” added Prof Marjit. 
Though he did not mention whether there is any dearth of eligible people who can become Vice-Chancellors of state universities, it was evident as the state government is facing difficulty in finding V-Cs, who are now being appointed for an interim period before a full-term V-C is selected. “The gross enrolment ratio of the state is 14 while the national ratio is 19. It is important that we take these numbers seriously. We will have to work hard to spread higher education. The GER of the state has remained fixed for a long time. In this situation, setting up of private universities and private degree colleges will save the situation,” added Prof Marjit. 
The state council of higher education is also planning to come up with a research award for young assistant professors of state colleges and universities. “The decision is yet to be finalised by the council. We would try to provide a substantial amount as the award. The one for Mathematics will be named after Sir Asutosh Mukherjee," said Prof Marjit. 
Prof Abhijit Chakraborty, vice-chairman of state higher education council, Prof Somak Roy Chowdhury, faculty of Presidency University, Prof Malabika Sarkar, V-C of Presidency University, were present in the seminar.