Siliguri, 5 December
Several people in Siliguri were taken aback after watching a group of people who were engaged in felling a 100-year-old ornamental rubber plant located at Tenzing Norgay Bus Terminal on the Hill Cart road today.
A man suddenly noticed the incident and informed a senior forest official in Kolkata requesting him to save the rear species of ornamental plant.
A group of men, who were engaged in felling the trees, could not explain who gave the order to trim branches of the tree, when local forest officials intervened.
Interestingly, police, who were deployed to maintain law and order following CPI-M&’s women&’s wing agitation programme in front of the Siliguri-Jalpaiguri Development Authority, close to the Bus Terminus, were reluctant to stop those cutting the tree due to their ignorance.
Finally, the labourers informed locals, who protested against felling such a valuable rare species, that they were asked to trim
the tree to ensure a clear lines of sight at the Bus Terminus, where North Bengal State Transport Corporation parked their long distance buses. It may be noted that the market value of a five feet long ornamental tree is over Rs 2,000.
Interested persons collected its branch to rear ornamental plants in a tub for in interior decoration.