While the previous model was a petrol-only offering, it is now available with both petrol and diesel engines. However, there’s no manual option with the petrol engine in the new model and is available only with a CVT. The petrol-powered Civic’s ARAI-certified fuel efficiency stands at 16.5kmpl.

You can read Civic review here before you plan to buy one. The real-world fuel efficiency results reveal that it is not as fuel efficient as the manufacturer’s claim, which is expected too, since claimed figures are recorded under controlled conditions.

If you drive predominantly in the city, expect the Civic to return somewhere around 11kmpl over a longer duration. The figure can drop lower if you negotiate dense traffic most of the time. On the other hand, if your daily routine involves a route that is relatively empty and where you can cruise, you can expect the overall fuel efficiency figure to go up by around 3kmpl.

(Source: www.cardekho.com)