After India being knocked out of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, skipper Virat Kohli believes that having an Indian Premier League (IPL)-style knockout in the showpiece event could actually be an option as that would give the top team, after the group stages, two bites at the cherry.

“Who knows in future. Maybe. If topping the table means anything. I think these things can come into consideration, looking at the magnitude of this tournament. That is a really valid point. You never know when that is going to be implemented.”

“But I think that’s the challenge and different kind of fun of these games as well that you have to be precise. It doesn’t matter what you have done before that. It’s a fresh day, fresh start, and if you are not good enough, you go home. So you have to accept that, as I said. It’s a different challenge for all the teams to turn up on that day and be absolutely at the top of their game and whoever does that they get the result, as you saw today,” he said.

Notably, the IPL-style knockouts give the top two teams one additional chance to qualify for the final, in case they fail in the first chance.

India, who were the table-toppers, were going flawlessly in the ongoing World Cup until they lost their semifinal match to New Zealand and got out of the tournament.