The Hindus of Allahabad have decided not to observe the Ram Lila festival this year. The reason for this omission is that they have not been permitted to hold the various celebrations connected with the festival at the times which they would have wished. As an attempt was made to saddle the local authorities with the responsibility for the fiasco, Mr. C.Y. Silberrad, the acting Commissioner, wrote to the Hon. Mr. Chintamuni, without whom nothing apparently may be done, or omitted, in Allahabad affairs, pointing out that the time allotted to the Hindus was only curtailed because of the unfortunate tension existing between Hindus and Mahomedans, and that it was actually longer than was allotted to them last year, under an arrangement mutually come to by the Hindu and Mahomedan leaders.

Mr. Silberrad also pointed out that no complaint was made to him when the arrangement was published. Mr. Chintamuni, replying to the officiating Commissioner, says, with reference to this last statement, that the reason why no comment was made at the time is because it was officially announced that no change could be made except as the result of an agreement between the Hindus and Mahomedans. Accordingly, adds Mr. Chintamuni, “the representatives of the Ram Lila committee met Mahomedan gentlemen at Mr. Gaskell’s house and did everything they could to persuade them to agree to their proposals.” They failed in this attempt, but surely, in all fairness, the consequences of the failure should be visited in the right quarter, namely the failure of the Hindus and Mahomedans to reach a modus vivendi, and not laid to the charge of the local authorities.


The Admiralty announces that at eleven o’clock on the morning of October 6th the armed mercantile cruiser Otranto came into collision with the steamship Kashmir. Both were carrying American troops. The weather was very bad. The two ships drifted apart and soon lost sight of each other. The destroyer Mounsey was summoned by wireless and by skilful handling took off twenty-seven officers, 239 of the crew, three hundred United States military ratings, and thirty French sailors and landed them at a North Irish port. The Otranto drifted ashore at Islay island and became a total wreck. Sixteen survivors were picked up at Islay. The number feared drowned is as follows:- 335 United States military ranks and ratings, eleven officers, and eighty-five of the crew. The Kashmir landed her troops at a Scottish port without casualties.


His Excellency The Viceroy arrived in Srinagar and was accorded a most cordial reception by His Highness the Maharaja Sahib Bahadur who met His Excellency at Chattabal Barrage, where the river leaves the city. The State entry from here to the Anirakadal bridge was by water. The scene was most picturesque. The houses on both banks were gaily decorated with brilliant shawls, carpets, rugs and tapestries illustrative of the arts of Kashmir hanging from the balconies and windows. Cheering crowds lined the banks and gave the Viceroy a great welcome. His Excellency exchanged visits with the Maharaja on the 12th, when a garden party was given by His Highness in honour of his distinguished guests. His Excellency visited the Museum, Mission Hospital, Sri Partap College and Mission School on the 13th.


A “Catalogue of the Scientific Serial Publications” in the principal libraries of Calcutta has been compiled by Mr. Stanley Kemp, with the assistance of the librarians of the institutions concerned and has been published by the Asiatic Society of Bengal. The catalogue is a work which will be of the greatest possible value to all engaged in scientific or economic research of any kind in Calcutta, or indeed anywhere in India. The manner in which it is arranged and indexed makes it possible to find out immediately what publications are available and in what libraries.


Judgment was delivered today in the Defence of India Act case against four young men of the clerk class who were charged with hindering the prosecution of the war by inducing coolies not to work on ships in harbour which were awaiting loading with war material. The District Magistrate who heard the case disposed of a question of jurisdiction when the case was opened three weeks ago. The four accused were sentenced to two years’ imprisonment each.