UN urges N Korea to comply with international obligations

  • IANS

    IANS | United Nations

    March 21, 2017 | 10:14 AM
United Nations, North Korea, international obligations, high-thrust rocket engine

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The United Nations on Monday urged North Korea to fully comply with its international obligations while commenting on the latter's test of a new type of high-thrust rocket engine over the weekend.

When answering the question about UN Secretary-General's response to the test at the daily news briefing, UN Deputy Spokesman for the Secretary-General Farhan Haq said that "you have seen our basic concern about the situation in the North Korea and our concern about the various tests."

"We want ultimately for Pyongyang to comply fully with relevant resolutions of the Security Council and it needs to refrain from further provocations and comply with its international obligations," Xinhua reported.

Pyongyang said it had conducted a ground test of a new type of high-thrust rocket engine that its leader Kim Jong-un was calling "a revolutionary breakthrough for the country's space program." 

Kim attended the test at the Sohae launch site, according to a report on Sunday by the Korean Central News Agency, which said the test was intended to confirm the "new type" engine's thrust power and gauge the reliability of its control system and structural safety.


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