Trump making their jobs harder, say US TV writers

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    June 11, 2017 | 8:57 am
Trump making their jobs harder, say US TV writers

Donald Trump (PHOTO: AFP)

American TV writers and creators are worried about US President Donald Trump making their jobs to create entertainment much more challenging.

A panel at a television festival here in Texas, titled "Trumped Up TV," was assembled to analyse the impact of the President on the TV industry in the US. 

The consensus of the group was that Trump has been rather distracting, reports

"How can I possibly focus?" said Javier Grillo-Marxuach, writer and producer of the hit TV series "Lost".

"There's a lot of stress eating involved… more than anything else, the torrent of news and information is about the stuff you do to mitigate your stress to be effective," he added.

"The Vampire Diaries" showrunner Julie Plec said the election brought about "absolute sorrow, horror, depression" behind the scenes of the show. 

Plec noted that she feels a responsibility to "double down on making it okay to be inclusive and not okay to be a bigot" in her storytelling given the current culture.

Beau Willimon (the creator of "House of Cards") advocated balancing political activism fighting against the current administration's policies with making entertainment.

"I knew this was catastrophic… It felt like the whole country was slapped across the face with a two-by-four. It's become a negation to balance one's time to what you can do in any moment, hour, second." 

"Whether you support Trump or not, it's still at a traumatic event for the country, one way or another, in terms of the schism and polarisation," said Willimon.

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