Immerse yourself in relaxing scents, inspiring melodies and invigorating massages – a tranquil transformation awaits you at the Club Oasis, Fitness at The Grand Hyatt Mumbai this Monsoon, says rupali dean

It is a wellness sanctuary within the bustling city of Mumbai. The serene ambience and a holistic approach to wellness make the Club Oasis, Fitness at The Grand Hyatt Mumbai a place to calm your senses and elevate your spirit. Upon entering the spa, I was moved by the serenity of the surroundings. 



What it hopes to achieve, is harmony and an increase in life force  (Prana) that can inspire you to live your best life. The goal here is on healing of the inner spirit through a variety of wellness services, holistic therapies, refreshing rituals, signature experiences and inspired acts of renewal. 

 I went in for the Monsoon Magic Package. In this treatment one can detoxify amidst the tranquillity of calm surroundings with a gentle skin polisher and nourishing wrap that helps extract away harmful elements and improves skin regeneration. It is followed by a revitalising aromatherapy massage to awaken the senses and proceed with one&’s wellness journey with the Spa&’s exclusive line of signature products from the June Jacobs Spa Collection. Last but not the least; the ritual is completed with an invigorating Indian Head Massage with healing essences that helps boost the energy levels, leaving one fresh and rejuvenated. One can prolong the Monsoon Magic experience with a complimentary spa gift from the June Jacobs line of select retail products that are available exclusively at Club Oasis. 


The experience 

Indigenous, natural beauty is incorporated into the aesthetic of the  Spa and is enhanced by unique design features, including diffusers and candle displays. The air is infused with the calming scents; soft sounds of uplifting music permeate the spa. The body is calmed, realigned and rested. The soft and gentle strokes are guaranteed to put even the most persistent insomniacs into a peaceful snooze, a reason why this massage is particularly beneficial for those who find it difficult to shut eye. Subtly, all the senses are touched and relaxation begins. Truly, the spa creates the ideal setting for “balancing senses” as out here it is indeed a work of art that is a total mind and body encounter. 



Club Oasis- Fitness Centre and Spa at The Grand Hyatt, Off Western 

Express Highway Santa Cruz (East), Mumbai. 

Tel: 022-6676 1144 


Rating (out of 5) 

Ambience – 4.5 

Service- 5 


Value for money- 4.5