Office of the Superintending Engineer (GRWW) Ph.-I
No. SE / GRWW-36 / 94
(Pt-II) / 65
Dated: 01-10-2013
e-Tenders are invited by the undersigned in two parts viz. Volume-I and Volume-II (in two seperate sealed covers) from bona fide, reliable, experienced and resourceful contractors of proven ability having experience of operation and maintenance in similar Conventional Type Water Treatment Plant of capacities not less than 10 MGD within the last five years under Govt. / Semi-Govt. / Govt. Undertaking / Statutory Local Bodies. (1) Name of the work: Operation and Maintenance of 20 MGD Serampore Water Treatment Plant (Plant Proper) with adequate number of working personnel per shift for round the clock operation and maintenance as per Tender stipulations for 36 (thirty six) months. (2) Tender No.: SE (GRWW) / Ph-I / T-02 of 2013-14. (3) Estimated Cost: Rate to be quoted by the Tenderer. (4) Earnest Money: 2% (two per cent) of the total quoted price.(5) Cost of Tender Papers: Rs. 2,500.00 (each set). (6) e-Tender processing fee: Rs. 5,618.00 (each). (7) Time of completion: 36 (Thirty Six) months from the date of issuance of work order. (8) Last date of: i) Online request: 21-10-2013 up to 3-00 p.m. ii) Submission Tender Documents: 28-10-2013 up to 2-00 p.m. (9) Tenders can be viewed
online from: 07-10-2013. For details please visit
www.tenderwizard.com/kmda www.kmdaonline.org  www.cmdaonline.com www.kmwsa.gov.in or contact the Office of the undersigned at the First Floor of the Administrative Bldg., Garden Reach Water Works, Bidhangarh, Kolkata-66. If any of the above days observe abnormality for reasons whatsoever, the subsequent working day/s will be reckonable for the purpose.
The Authority reserves the right to reject or cancel any or all tenders without assigning any reason. For and on behalf of Kolkata Metropolitan Water & Sanitation Authority.
Superintending Engineer
(GRWW), Ph.-I                                                                  (B0015)         C21956

The Superintending Engineer, North Circle, P.W. (C.B.) Dte., P-12, C.I.T. Road, 1st Floor, Kolkata-14, on behalf of Governor of West Bengal, invites e-Tender online on percentage rate basis. NIT No. WBPWD / CB / SE / NC / NIT-23 (E) / 2013-14 for the work of “Construction of Two-Storied 50-bedded Girls Hostel at Changmari Tea Estate High School in the District of Jalpaiguri under BRGF Scheme.” Estimated Amount: Rs. 61,37,971. EMD: Rs. 1,22,759. Last date of Submission of Bid Online: 05-10-2013 at 2-00 p.m. All
documents can be obtained from the website: http://wbtenders.gov.in and in Office Notice Board. Regarding e-Tender. Bidder may contact PWD Help Desk Ph. No.: 033-22236236. Corrigendum / Rectification or Modification, if any, issued by the Department against these NIT will be published in Website only.
S.E., N.C.
P.W. (CB) Dte.                                                                   (B0004)         C21935

Nabadwip, Nadia
Sealed tenders are invited by the Chairman, Nabadwip Municipality, Nabadwip, Nadia.
N.I.T. No.-41 / PWDT / 2013-14 to 44 / PWDT / 2013-14 Date: 25-09-2013.
Last date & time of receiving application: 22-10-2013 up to 2-00 p.m.
Last date of purchasing tender paper on or before: 24-10-2013 up to 2-00 p.m.
Last date & time limit for receipt of tender: 25-10-2013 up to 2-00 p.m.
Last date & time for opening the tender: 25-10-2013 up to 2-30 p.m.
Tender documents & other relevant documents may be seen by the intending tenderers during office hours in the office of the Councillors of Nabadwip Municipality, P.W. Department.
N.B.: Any other information may be had on enquiry from the P.W.D. of this Municipality on any working day of official website name:
Nabadwip Municipality                                                (B0012)         C21949

The Superintending Engineer, N.H. Circle No.-II, P.W. (Roads) Directorate, C.I.T. Annex Building (4th floor), P-16, India Exchange Place (Extn.), Kolkata-700073, for and on behalf of Governor of West Bengal, invites electronic short notice inviting bid (online) under 2 (two) bid system No.: WBPWD / ROADS / NH / SE / NHC-II / 09 / 2013-2014 of Superintending Engineer, National Highway Circle-II circulated vide T.O. memo No.- 1170 / G-92, Dt. 01-10-2013 for the following work:
1. Name of work: Emergent repairing work of existing blacktop surface from 320 km to 323 km, 325 km to 329 km, 374 km to 386 km & 388 km to 401 km of NH-60 during year 2013-14 in the District of Birbhum / Burdwan, West Bengal under National Highway Division No. XII.
2. Estimated Amount: Rs. 4,49,94,850.
3. Bid Security: Rs. 9,00,000.
4. Last date of online submission: 08-10-2013 at 14-00 hrs.
The details N.I.B. may be obtained from the website: https://tenderwizard.com/morth or http://pwdwb.in then click the link of e-tender procurement and for further details contact this office during office hours of any working day.                        (B0014)         C21954

No. 17/BD of 2013-2014
Sealed tender in sealed covers with name of work are invited on behalf of Governor of W.B. in WBF 2911/(i)/(ii) & will be received by the Executive Engineer, Burdwan Divn., PHE Dte., Purta Bhavan, 2nd Flr., Sadarghat, Burdwan for following works. Gr. A, B & C: Sinking of 250 mm. x 150 mm. dia. Tube well by D.R. Rig Method using M.S. Pipe & Fibre Glass Strainer for W.S. Scheme of Palasan, Bamunpara & Manikhar. Last date & time for receiving of application on 22-10-2013 up to 2-00 p.m. All other details can be have from abovementioned office and also website: www.wbphed.gov.in
Executive Engineer
Burdwan Divn. PHE Dte.                                                                  C21955

(2ND CALL)/2013-14
e-Tender is invited by Execuive Engineer, PWD, Kolkata Construction Division for different works from PWD enlisted Class-I/II/III (R&B) and Registered Engineers’ Co-op. (S) Ltd. and roof treatment contractor under SEPC-II and bona fide outsider having credential of same nature of work for above-mentioned e-NIT for Repair & Renovation work and roof treatment work at Ballygunge Circular Road, CNMC & Hospital, Moulali Yuba Kendra and 11A, Mirza Galib Street, Kolkata 700087. Bid proposal submission end date (Online) 09-10-2013 up to 14-00 hrs. Tender ID is 2013_PWD_10976_1 to 2013 _PWD_10976_4 for e-NIT WBPWD/EE/KCD/NIT-21/(2nd Call)/2013-14. Further corrigendum and addendum, if issued will be published only on departmental website. All other details are available in etender.wb.nic.in & www.pwdwb.in as well as in this office Notice Board.
Executive Engineer
Kolkata Construction Division                                          (B0009)         C21943

WBSRDA on behalf of WBCADC is inviting e-tenders for Bored Cast-in-situ concrete piles in connection with the construction of proposed (B+G+9-storied) Office-cum-Training Centre at Salt Lake.
1. Estimated Amount: Rs. 2,90,97,055.
2. Earnest Money: Rs. 5,82,000.
3. Cost of bidding documents: Rs. 10,000.
4. Time of completion: 03 (three) months.
5. Download of tender documents: Starts from 02-10-2013 at 10-00 hrs. and ends at 31-10-2013 at 15-00 hrs.
6. Tender submission: Starts from 02-10-2013 at 18-00 hrs. and ends at 31-10-2013 at 18-30 hrs.
7. Opening of Technical Bid: 04-11-2013 at 12-30 hrs.
For details visit the
Administrative Secretary
WBCADC                                                                 (B0001)         C21938