In a bid to ease off traffic congestion on the main roads of the city, the Sambalpur Municipal Corporation (SMC) has decided to develop two vegetable markets at Santi Nagar and Kamli bazar area of the city. 

While the vendors operating along the Ainthapali Budharaja road of the city will be accommodated at Santi Nagar area, the SMC has planned to accommodate the vendors, who are operating along the road in Golebazar area, at Kamli bazar weekly market of the city. 

Initially, the Sambalpur Municipal Corporation had taken a decision to develop a vegetable markets for the vendors, operating along the Ainthapali-Budharaja road, at Ainthapali area of the city. 

However, the civic body did not get a suitable land for developing a market at Ainthapali area. And subsequently, the SMC has taken the decision to develop the market for those roadside vendors at Santi Nagar area. 

Deputy Commissioner of Sambalpur Municipal Corporation, Sudhansu Bhoi said, “We have identified a land at Santi Nagar. The land is located near the Bhima Bhoi park in Santi Nagar area. We will construct concrete platforms and shed on the land and accommodate the vendors, who are operating their business along the road from Ainthapali to Budharaja. Similarly, the roadside vendors of Golebazar area will be accommodated at Kamli bazar weekly haat. More than 300 vendors will be accommodated in the two markets.” 

The Kamli bazaar weekly market is the oldest organised market in the city. The market is lying in a neglected condition now. However, as the SMC has taken decision to accommodate the roadside vegetable vendors at Kamli bazaar and convert it into a daily market, the residents of the city are hopeful that the market will get a new lease of life. 

The residents of the city have also expressed hopefulness that the relocation of the vendors will ease off the traffic movement on the roads of the city. The roadside vendors are the major reason behind the traffic chaos in arterial roads of the city. 

Because of the absence of adequate number of organised markets, the vendors are operating their business along the road at several places, causing traffic problem.