A variety of sizzlers offered at Flluid restaurant in Noida set up a visual display for the palate,  says rakesh kumar

Just a two-minute walk from the metro station (NOIDA Sector 18) will take you to Flluid Restaurant in Mosaic Hotel, where a Smoking Hot Sizzler Festival is going on till 6 October. We entered the restaurant looking forward to some new arrivals and, as per the chef&’s recommendation, ordered for Achari Subz Sizzler in vegetarian and, in Chinese, Beijing Style Spicy Sizzler. Sizzlers are essentially meats and vegetables served on a steaming hot metal tray, whose sizzle announces its arrival. The platter was full with fish, mutton seekh and chicken tikka, with lots of veggies. At the very first sight, the food surprised us with its sound, look, smell and then came the taste buds. 

After tasting a full platter, we could only say no to more food, but executive chef Diwas Wadhera, who was sitting with us and explaining intricate details and specific theme behind each of the sizzlers, requested us to sample another dish. It was hard to say no because the way he was explaining them tempted us. And we tasted Cantonese Style Sizzler, Naabz-e-Aab, Surf and Turf, Banana and Walnut Pie on Sizzler. As our taste buds sizzled, I would only say one must try them at least once. 


Flluid, Mosaic Hotels, Noida 

Price: Price starting from Rs 555 (taxes extra as applicable) 

Date: 6 September until 6 October