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? I am 22 year old, have very oily skin and severe breakouts on my face, especially around the nose and cheeks. No soap-free, oil-free face wash helps. Also, I have a lot of black and whiteheads in the area. How do I get rid of them?
~ Sweta S, Mumbai

Your very oily skin is the reason why you have pimples, white and blackheads, especially around your nose and on your cheeks. It is said that about 80 per cent of teenagers and those in their early 20s have an oily skin and very often this continues till you are in your 30s, due to hormonal changes taking place in your body. More oil is produced than the body can handle from the sebaceous glands, which get overactive. The extra oil finds its way out through the pores on the skin as the largest number of pores are found on the face – especially on the forehead, nose and chin; the face gets excessively oily.
Often, a diet with too much oil or a harsh cleansing routine can aggravate it. Choose your products carefully – they should be such that they deep cleanse thoroughly, removing the dirt and oil from the pores, but not too strong because the alcohol will strip the skin of its natural oil. Wash your face two or three times a day and use an astringent on it after every wash. It contains ingredients that sooth the skin and the alcohol that helps to dry up the excessive oil. It also removes any trace of cleanser or oil left behind after cleansing.
After this, dab the pimples and spots with a pimple lotion. Leave it on if you are at home, otherwise remove after half an hour and apply a medicated sunscreen. It is anti-bacterial and prevents dust and dirt from getting on to a greasy skin that aggravates the problem. Avoid steaming your face because often this can cause a fresh outbreak of pimples.
Never press out your blackheads at home – this should be done by a professional as it could cause a fresh breakout of pimples.
Diet plays some part in this problem, as certain foods seem to aggravate the condition. Rich foods seem to bring out more pimples in some people. Have a well-balanced diet; eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables — especially salads.
Stress and tension play a part in acne. You will find pimples appearing just before a special function or exams. Get at least seven to eight hours of sleep at night. Most sufferers find that being well rested over a period of time seems to make the acne better. Illness also aggravates it. You will find the condition gets worse when you are run down in health.
Exercise and plenty of fresh air is essential for the health of your skin. Exercising gives an instant boost to the skin because it stimulates the circulation, thus bringing blood loaded with oxygen and nutrients to feed the cells with and helps in removing waste. It also stimulates the working of all the body organs, thus removing waste and toxins from the body and helping to improve the health of the skin.
Acne is a stubborn condition and will only respond to a strict routine done daily. This includes scrupulous cleansing of the skin, a healthy diet, exercise and professional treatment, when needed. Only a dedicated approach on your part will pay dividends. You will find it worth it in the end.