Bhubaneswar, 11 November
The week long potato crisis eased a bit today with supplies  arriving from different states.
The supplies, however, continued to fall short of the demand resulting in prices touching Rs 50 per kg. Official sources said 10 truckload had come to the state capital today while seven were at Cuttack. The supplies have started and the crisis caused by abrupt and arbitrary disruptions from West Bengal has eased, said the sources.
Odisha is a consuming state  ~ be it potatoes , eggs, salt , banana ; we are dependent on supplies from other states, lamented consumers while questioning why the Naveen Patnaik government had failed to focus on agriculture or horticulture over the last 14 years.
He makes tall claims of being pro-farmer, pro-poor but the crisis has shown that very little has been done in terms of enhancing production of essential vegetables or fruits, said consumers who felt the pinch of buying potato at Rs 50 per kg today after being deprived of the vegetable for a week.
Perhaps the BJD wants us to eat steel, quipped another buyer while referring to the innumerable MoU&’s signed for steel plants. The state government , on its part, said it had taken necessary steps like procuring potato from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. The situation in West Bengal is also expected to improve, said the sources.