A few kilometres off a road in Malaysia’s Perlis state near the Thailand border, lies a campsite once occupied by hundreds of trafficked victims, a media report said on Tuesday.

According to sources, it is believed that the “new” campsite is two years older than the 27 human trafficking camps found by authorities this month, the Malaysian Star reported.

The pillars of the campsite are looped with barbwire and walls with mesh wire.

Three guard towers surround the “cage”, with a watch area located at an elevated space.

In the corner, a bathtub can be seen on top of a wooden cage big enough to fit a polar bear.

The campsite is believed to have been destroyed on purpose by human traffickers.

Police are currently investigating the link between this site and the other camps discovered.

It was reported on Monday that Malaysian police had found 139 graves and 27 human trafficking camps in Padang Besar town.

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