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Beijing, 5 Oct: Disabled Chinese activist Ni Yulan said today she had been freed from jail but was in very poor health after spending more than two years locked up for “picking quarrels”.
“I got out this morning at 8.30 a.m. My husband and my daughter came to receive me,” Ni, who has been confined to a wheelchair since sustaining serious injuries during an earlier stint in jail, said.
“Right now I’m in a very poor state of health because on top of the injuries I suffered when I was tortured before going to prison, I’m suffering from thyroid cancer and a lymphoma behind my left ear,” said Ni, who is in her 50s.
“It’s been a year since I’ve seen the Sun and I’m very weak. I’m first going to rest and see a doctor.”
In July last year, a court cut Ni’s sentence to 30 months in jail after overturning a fraud conviction, but rejected her appeal against the charge of “picking quarrels”, her lawyer Cheng Hai said.
The court also rejected an appeal against Ni’s husband Dong Jiqin’s conviction and two year jail sentence on the same charge. Lawyers for Ni and her husband have said all along that the charges were trumped up to silence the rights defender.