Bomb explodes outside Eurobank office in Athens

  • IANS

    IANS | Athens

    April 20, 2017 | 10:12 AM

Firemen at the bomb explosion site (Photo: AFP)

A bomb has exploded outside a Eurobank branch in the centre of the Greek capital city, police has confirmed. There were no casualties, a media report said.

The bomb was placed at the door of a bank branch that exploded on Wednesday evening causing damage to the entrance and shattering windows in surrounding buildings. No one was, however, reported to be injured.

An unknown informant called a local internet site at 10.05 p.m. warning there would be an explosion in the area within the next 35 minutes, Efe news reported.

The police heeded the warning and blocked off the area. They also evacuated surrounding buildings before the explosion. The blast occurred at 10.40 p.m. and was heard from far away, according to the media.

The scene of the blast remained cordoned off by security forces. They were now studying the images of security cameras.

Some witnesses said they saw two persons leave a bag on the bank's doorstep before walking away along one of the main avenues of the city centre.


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