cite lack of development in the region as the reason
Koraput, 5 December
Contrary to governmental claims of inclusive growth and focused development in tribal areas, as many as 9 PRI members of Bandhugaon block in Koraput district resigned from their posts today . 
Pidika Ambe, the chairperson of Bandhugaon block alleged that more than half of the schools in the blocked were not functioning , road communication to different villages was in a very bad condition , health and livelihood issues were also not addressed as per the expectations of the people of the region.
The letter was also signed by   Rauto Kulesika,  Samiti member of Jabuguda, Priyanka Behera, Samiti Member of Bandhugaon, Nimaka Maniko, Member of Zilla parishad-1 of Bandhugaon, Lachha Kondatamera , Member of Zilla Parishad- 2 of Bandhugaon, Chikoka Pandu, Sarpanch of Jabuguda, Nidrabati Pidika, Sarpanch of  Bandhugaon, M.Swati, Sarpanch of Kutrabeda and Ramuda Pidika, Sarpanch of Komugonda.
All these PRI members had submitted the resignation to Dambarudhar Mallik, BDO of Bandhugaon. 
Their grievances expose the hollowness in the BJD government&’s claim that it had done a lot for tribals in backward areas of the state. 
There is another version to the en masse resignation. Locals here suspect that the PRI members had quit in response to a call given by the Maoists. The Maoists had warned the PRI members and said they should quit as the government had not carried out any developmental work in the region.