How to tend indoor bamboo plants

  • Deepa Gupta | New Delhi

    November 30, 2016 | 07:08 PM
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There has been a rising trend in people turning to Feng Shui. Its symbols are believed to bring peace and harmony in home or any place they are placed. Bamboo plant is one of Fenshui symbols that every house should possess for protection, prosperity and good luck.

According to this Chinese science, bamboos can enhance positive energy in career and relationships. Its upright structure implies a straightforward life.  Indoor bamboos can be grown just in water with pebbles to hold the stalks or can be potted in soil.

Among the different types of bamboo, Lucky Bamboo makes a beautiful indoor plant and it is easy to grow. It has all the five elements of Feng Shui: Wood, stalks, earth, brown pebbles, and water. They are often placed in a glass container with a red ribbon, which symbolizes fire, tied around the container preferably having a coin at the bottom.

Lucky Bamboo is ideal to be gifted on any auspicious occasion like house warming, grand openings, or to wish someone good luck. It can easily be bought from any local florist nursery or a Feng Shui shop. 

How to care for indoor bamboo plants in water

Choose the one which is healthy and vibrant green all over. The colour of the stalk should be consistent from bottom to top. There should not be any yellowing or browning anywhere in the plant. Otherwise, it can die.

For bamboos in pebbles, choose the right container having two inches of wider diameter than the width of the plant.

 A glass container is better than the ceramic one to see the plant shoots and the pebbles well.

Place enough pebbles at the bottom which can hold the stems upright well.

Fill the container half with water. At least one inch of water should always be there in the container for the survival of the plant.

The water should be fresh or bottled ones. Never use tap water as it contains chlorine.

Change the water at least once in a week to prevent bamboo rotting.

Rinse off the plant very gently while changing water every time. Wash the container and the pebbles every week.

Rinse off plant gently under cool running water if you find any spider mites or bacteria formation in it.

Keep the plant in a low or indirect sunlight area having a temperature between 60 or 70 degree Fahrenheit.

How to care for potted bamboo plants

Select an appropriate pot for your bamboo. It should be wider at the top than the bottom.

The pot should have a drain hole to ensure excellent drainage.

Bamboo stems rot in excessively moist environment. So they should not be planted deeply in the soil.

Bamboo plants in the soil need to be watered regularly but little. The soil should not be soaked. It should be just moist. Spray little water every day with a spray bottle to beautify the plant more.

The appropriate temperature for nurturing indoor bamboo is 70 degree Fahrenheit. It should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

Fertilise your bamboo plant twice a year to provide it with essential nutrients.

Separate the new sprouted stalks by potting them separately to keep the originals healthy.

Add bamboo to your plant collection and see the miracles in your life.