An environment friendly battery made from waste material, that can work continuously for 72 hours with no electricity required for its charging, has been developed by a private educational institute here.

The ‘Fly Ash Battery’ developed by Amity University is a novel ash and activated carbon based battery comprising of aluminum anode and amorphous carbon with graphite.

W Selvamurthy, President, Amity Science, Technology and Innovation Foundation stated that the battery is a revolutionary technology which could work continuously for 72 hours and generate 0.85 volt voltage and 100mA current density for a single cell.

"It could be recharged with few drops of water and does not require any source of electricity. The array of batteries can be used to light an LED lamp and can also be developed to charge a mobile phone. The power output of the ash battery can be adapted to the desired voltage current needed by proper integration," he said.

M/s Welspun Energy Pvt Ltd, one of the top three companies in renewable energy sector of India, has licensed the technology.

It is a case of co-development and technology transfer.

The technology will be scaled up under joint efforts of both the organizations, the company officials said.

The Technology Transfer Agreement was signed between S L Kapur, President Engineering, Welspun Energy Limited and B L Arya- Registrar, Amity University today.

Atul Chauhan- Chancellor, Amity University said, "The need of the hour is that the academia and industry should work in sync with each other for the good of society."