Alia Bhatt would have you know that she&’s not as taciturn as she&’s made out to be, irrespective of being targeted for general knowledge questions for some time now. Why, she&’s even been known to laugh at herself. The whole “Alia, do you know who this is, or what that is?” started after she got the name of India&’s President wrong at Karan Johar&’s Koffee With Karan. Since then, she&’s become the butt of all the “dumb” jokes on social networking sites.

Of course, the actress came forward and owned up to it and made the jokes go away after she laughed off her “general knowledge” error at AIB&’s Genius of the Year episode, a comical take on the whole issue. But at a recent event, journalists got her on the wrong foot. Reportedly, she was first asked whether she played Holi or not, to which she said she kept away from celebrating the festival because the colours used did not suit her skin and were damaging.

And then she lost her cool when she was asked about the significance of the festival. Apparently, the Highway actress was asked to explain why Holi was celebrated. This one question got her so upset that she furiously retorted, “Do you know who the President of South Africa is? Do you know who the President of China is?” Then she, rose, stomped off, got into her car and roared away. Touchy-feely? Too right!