Reserved seats for women in Delhi Metro has been a contentious issue. Despite regular announcements, men are spotted occupying the reserved seats almost every day. While men have not changed their habits, there is a certain sign of a changing trend among women folk. Unlike the years of yore, women are no longer silent — they question, argue and ultimately compel men to vacate the reserved seats. 

However, a recent incident in the Metro made one wonder whether this reservation is sometimes misplaced. An elderly man, perhaps in his late 60s, had occupied a seat reserved for women when a young lady, in her late-20s, walked up and asked him to get up. When the gentleman said he was old and unwell, the lady simply asked him to go and find a seat reserved for senior citizens. 

The co-passengers were taken aback at the rude behaviour of the young woman but there was little they could do as "technically" she was right. However, unable to tolerate this rudeness one of the fellow passengers, a lady, vacated her seat and offered it to the old man. She then proceeded to lecture the young lady on how her action was uncalled for. She also regretted that this "reservation" was misplaced as it was blindly followed by the "undeserving".