MIAMI, 15 JUNE: In a bizarre incident, the ICC had to withdraw funds, amounting to a little more than USD 8100, transferred electronically to United States Youth Cricket Association (USYCA) as the payment was actually meant for USA Cricket Association.
“An administrative error resulted in funds from the ICC Americas regional office, meant for the USA Cricket Association (USACA), being sent to the USYCA,” an ICC spokesperson said. "ICC Americas has apologised to both the USYCA and USACA for this confusion, which is now being rectified,” he added. Headquartered in Miami, USACA is an ICC Associate member.
The mix-up had momentarily left the USYCA’s president Jamie Harrison hopeful of a more constructive and mutually beneficial relationship between his association and the ICC, but he was left discontented when Ben Kavenagh, ICC Americas Regional Development Manager, requested the money be returned.
The USYCA was formed by Harrison in 2010 with the intention of popularising the game in the US, and has since reached around 2,50,000 school students. agencies