On June 14th a memorial to John Foster was unveiled at Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire, by Sir W. Robertson Nicoll. Foster is not so much read now-a-days as he used to be and he was never in the ordinary sense of the term a popular writer. He began his public career as a Baptist minister, but his preaching attracted little attention and his congregations were never large. Taking to literature, he scored his first success in 1805 when he published a series of essays, of which that on Decision of Character became something like a classic. He was, in fact, largely instrumental in reviving the essay, which had been declining in public interest since the days of Addison and Steele. He also did some solid work in journalism, editing a monthly magazine called **The Eclectic Review** for thirteen years. We may claim some local interest in Foster on account of the fact that he was a personal friend of the distinguished trio of pioneer missionaries in Bengal: Carey, Marshman, and Ward, and a loyal supporter of the work which they undertook at Serampore.

News  Items

London, July 14

The differences between the Northern and Southern parties in China appear to be reaching a climax. A telegram from Kiukiang says that a force of Northern troops recently arrived in the vicinity of the city, and entered it on Saturday, whereupon fighting began with nine thousand Kiangsi troops.
A telegram to the Daily Telegraph from Pekin states that ten battalions of Kiangsi troops have occupied important Hukow forts at the entrance of Poyang Lake. The Sixty Northern Division attempted to capture the forts but were badly repulsed. Heavy fighting is taking place all round Kiukiang.
A telegram to the Morning Post from Shanghai says that the Northern troops are advancing on Nanchang by two routes.

(From Our Correspondent)
Dacca, July 14

The Sessions Judge has delivered judgment in the appeal of Munshi Jonabali, a clerk of the Royal Mail Service on board the Narainganj Mail steamer Buzzard. Mr. Howard, Assistant Agent of the I.G.S.N. Co., at Narainganj, charged Munshi Jonabali with theft of luggage (containing a trunk) from the said steamer. Kumar Suresh Chandra Singh, Deputy Magistrate, Narainganj, convicted the accused and sentenced him to one day’s imprisonment and to pay a fine of Rs 150.

The Dallas Company

Tonight "Baby Mine," which was very popular during Mr. Dallas’ last visit here, will be revived, preceeded by a one-act play, new to Calcutta-"The Touch of Truth," which comes from London with an excellent reputation.
"The Thief," which will be given tomorrow night, is one of the rare instances of a French play making as great a reputation in both England and Germany as in its own country. Soon after Henry Bernstein’s "Le Voleur" had created a sensation in Paris, Mr. Cosmo Gordon Lennox wrote an English version for Sir George Alexander, and with the actor-manager and Miss Irene Vanbrugh in the leading parts, it was played to crowded houses for many months at the St. James’ Theatre.

Letter To Mr. Montagu
London, July 14

The Anti-Slavery and Aborigines Protection Society publishes a letter addressed to Mr. Montagu, dated July 8th, referring to the so-called Boi system in the Lushai Hills, which system it describes as slavery. The Society appeals to Mr. Montagu to take immediate action to procure the freedom of the slaves.