Dedication Of New Buildings
An interesting ceremony took place at La Martiniere College for girls yesterday afternoon, when the handsome newly erected block of buildings was dedicated by the Rev. R.W.S. Stuart, College Chaplain and Senior Chaplain of St. Paul&’s Cathedral, in the presence of a number of well-known Calcutta people. The new building which was erected at a cost of three-quarters of a lakh of rupees is a handsome, three-storied structure, embodying many new features which will undoubtedly prove of great service, and enable the college to establish an even higher reputation than it holds at present. Among the new features are a large art room, and a botanical laboratory, both of which contain ample facilities for instruction in these subjects. There are also a number of new and well-equipped class-rooms, providing accommodation for something like sixty additional pupils.

Matter To Be Settled At Darjeeling
London, June 28
Great Britain has favourably received the proposal to appoint Wen-Tsun-Yao as Special Envoy to settle the Tibetan question. The negotiations will be carried on at Darjeeling, and not London, as originally suggested.
A manifesto has been published ordering the observance of the Chino-Tibetan boundary in accordance with the demarcation accepted in the time of the Ching dynasty. It prohibits the stationing of Chinese troops west of Chiamdo. It concludes by hoping that everlasting peace will be secured. It is stated that China contemplates discussion, perhaps at Darjeeling, of the question of the Yunnan frontier. The negotiations for the settlement of Mongolian questions are proceeding favourably.
29 June, 1913