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Finding the child inside
Sayani Majumder
| 28 May, 2015

We often see people lamenting their lost childhood, their worry free days, their unconditional joys. They think that they can never go back to the days of kaleidoscopic beauty, they think that all the bright colours the unadulterated desires have bid farewell, from their life. But is that so? Is childhood really lost for those people, absolutely gone forever? But why should it be so?

Why not remain a child forever? Growing up changes everything, they say. But what growing up does is that it makes us more analytical and logical and people tend to forget the unreasoned delights of childhood. Growing up makes us familiar to  a greater and more striking world. Logic and analysis opens the door to the appreciation of beauty, appreciation for the complex but exquisite pattern in which the universe works.

In fact logic, objectivity, growing up do not overshadow  the innocent childhood but they fastidiously accentuate its worth, enhances its power and purely makes us realise the untainted thrill that childhood is so full of. But people think that it is time to move out from the cloud nine and hit the hard ground of reality where childhood never stands a chance.

What they do not understand is that growing up is equally beautiful and there is nothing to regret and definitely there is nothing to sacrifice. People do not have to let go of the child inside them in order to simply grow up.

The child inside them can always be alive and be awakened every time they know how to enjoy the first rain drops of the year, how to chase a cheery little butterfly.

The child in them will resurface every time they find the secret happiness of having a chocolate or counting the stars or watching the clouds forming different shapes.

The child in them will find its ways whenever they laugh over an otherwise silly joke , whenever they see the kite soaring high in the sky, whenever they see a flower bloom by the road side.

When people grow up they have exposure to so many people, so many experiences and incidents of which they remain completely oblivious to when they were children, growing up opens new horizons that they would not have valued as children.

But at the same time when people are in grief when the mind refuses the reasoning and the coaxing, it is the child in them that comes to their rescue in the form of mindless hilarity, unfulfilled fairytale desires and surreal dreams.

It is probably because the child in them does not want a good job, a big house, or admission in a good college, the child does want the enticing and enigmatic moments of simple bliss and those are not hard to find, one just has to look a bit closely into his life.

So childhood is never lost, what it needs is a perfect epiphany to make one realise about its presence always.      

(Sayani Majumder, Class X, Coordinator, Bidya Bharati Girls' High School)

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