Do you know which are the biggest aquariums in the world? Which are the biggest in India? Do you know how many homes in India keep aquariums? But, why keep aquariums in the house when you can spend a beautiful day out or have a romantic date at an aquarium? Yes, singers Selena Gomez and The Weeknd just did it. They recently enjoyed a romantic date at Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto. The Weeknd posted a series of videos and photographs of their day out on Instagram.

Well, there are certain traditional culture and belief in keeping an aquarium, big or small, in houses. Modern wellness approach also recommends keeping aquariums in the house. Apart from religious mythology, know why a home should have a fish aquarium according to Chinese Feng Shui and Vastu teachings, It says that when placed and used correctly, aquariums work wonders for the household. No matter how small, it could be a small fish bowl, it is believed to be a source of great blessings for the inmates.

The beauty of keeping an attractive fish aquarium is the peace it brings to a home. Placing it in the northeast corner of the room is said to bring peace and harmony. It also beautifies the place.

Water in the aquarium symbolises life and it sucks in all the negativity in the house and gives out positive energy in the house

Aquariums are kept for wealth, happiness and growth. The swift movement of the fishes are said to indicate prosperity and wellness in the environment around it. It works as a great environment indicator

It also works as a stress buster. Watching the beautiful fishes swim takes you to another world and makes you feel good. According to medical sciences and research, keeping an aquarium in the house helps in treating stress, anxiety and health problems associated with blood pressure.

Every day is a struggle for many and the problems each have could be endless A natural death of a fish indicate the end of one of the many problems you may be facing.

Watching and feeding the fishes can be quite an excitement for the kids. It keeps them lively and joyful. They also get to learn about different types of fishes and marine lives.

While there are many more reasons one could find, buying a good aquarium for the house could be expensive. And, when a house is small, you may face space crunch to keep one in the house. So go out and shop for a small glass bowl to begin with. Fill it with some water, greens, pebbles and few fishes, and see the magic work wonders not only in the house but also in your life and that of your loved ones.