In dainty pastel pink, purple, yellow and white, the Angel's Trumpets hang upside-down in plenty like big bells.

Unusually big for the size of a garden flower, this beautiful trumpet-shaped flower is a garden delight. The flowers release its fragrance when the day turns dark, and is intoxicating. Some use it as a narcotic.

As heavenly as it sounds, this woody-stemmed flowering plant breath mystic and mysteries. In many communities, the drooping flower over the earth is named after death. It is believed to connect and communicate with the soul of the dead.

However, as it blooms big and bright amidst misty and cloudy places, this mystical blossom represent vivacity and vibrancy. Grow them in abundance around the house for vibrant energy all around you.

How to grow and care for Angel's Trumpet

Also called brugmansia or datura, this angelic plant is easy to grow. It grows well in places with wet and cooler clime and in acidic soil.

The plant grows from the stems. You can cut the stems and plant them.

If you do not have a garden space, plant them in a pot or a container.

Although the shrub can grow quite big and tall, you can plant them in a big container.

Keep the pot in a shady place during hot season.

Water it well. Keep the sand moist and cool.

The plant needs little pruning. Prune them only if you want to shorten its growth.

Important reminder

As much as it is beautiful, the plant is not angelic or magical as its name. It is toxic in nature. Every part of the plant is said to be poisonous for both humans and pets. Stay safe from it.