Who does not want a happy day or a successful one with utter bliss? You can certainly start feeling better about your day by highlighting and prioritising few things to do for the day. To start with, make sure to catch a six to seven hours sound sleep and wake up early with a fresh and positive mind. The few early morning hours gives you some quiet and wonderful moments to yourself. Else, you will run out of time with your busy schedules, meetings and phone calls, etc. Make a habit of getting up at least three hours before you start your daily engagements. Devote these three hours religiously to few activities that can make you reach just the next level of your dream day.

Drink at least three to five glasses of warm water instead of tea and coffee. When you wake up in the morning, your body needs to be rehydrated to kick start functioning of all the organs. To add a flavour and more health, you can always add lemon and honey to it.

Go for a morning walk, jog, gym, yoga or cycling whatever physical exercise you feel like doing. It will revitalize your energy much needed for your challenging day and burn out extra calories to make you feel and look fit and smart from inside out.

After your exercise regime, empty your mind from all worries and sit quietly for 15 minutes to meditate. Try to connect to almighty, your guru (if any) or any person with whom you can connect your soul. It will give you peace and a calm radiance on your face.

Make your agenda for the day. Evaluate the priority activities that cannot be postponed to the next day. They should figure on top of the list. List them in order according to the degree of urgency and time required. Divide your day to co-ordinate your work better and save time. Writing a diary will also not allow you to forget the key things which you usually do in your busy day. You can embrace a good deed every day in your daily schedule to serve the society and to be a better person.

Spend few quality moments with your family. Connect with them in a cheerful mood. Help your spouse to make the bed. Support kids to get dressed for the school. You can also help in making and serving breakfast to be with them in a constructive way. All can sit around the table and have a healthy breakfast together that energize you and not make you feel clumsy. Though short, this can be the happy hour for the family. You can chat and laugh with them to make your as well as their day.

It is never too late to start a good thing in life. If you are fed up of your boring days, try these morning must dos. This morning list of things to do is about choosing what you want now and what you want the most. Make the best of it and have a great day every day.