Eid-ul-fitr is here, marking the end of the holy Ramadan month. Bright lights, Eid parties and festivities are everywhere. It’s the time to enjoy kebabs, mutton biryani and of course Seviyan that is totally out of the world. Keeping up the festive mood, make delicious Indian Seviyan for Eid.

Serves: 8, Preparation time: 15 minutes, Cooking time: 90 minutes


Milk                                2 litres (full cream)

Condensed milk             4 tbsp

Vermicelli                       2 handful or 2/3 cup (thin, long and roasted)

Sugar                             7 tbsp

Desi ghee                       2 tbsp

Silver vark                       2 sheets

Cashew nuts                   1/3 cup

Almonds                          1/3 cup

Pistachios                        ¼ cup

Buchanania seeds           ¼ cup

Musk melon seeds           ¼ cup

Green cardamoms           4

Raisins                             1/3 cup (washed and soaked for few minutes)


Take a large heavy bottomed pan. Heat ghee and add crushed cardamoms. Let it sizzle for a second.

Add crushed vermicelli and roast on low heat till golden brown. Keep stirring.

Add milk and condensed milk and give a boil on high flame stirring it.

Turn the heat low after a boil and cook vermicelli for 60 minutes stirring it every five minutes

If you observe that the consistency is getting a little thick, add little more hot milk.

After an hour, add sugar and cook for another 15 minutes.

In a separate pan, heat little desi ghee. Add melon seeds, chopped cashew nuts and buchanania seeds. Roast for few seconds and take out from the pan.

Remove the peel of soaked almonds and chop length wise. Add all dry fruits except raisins. Cook for another five minutes and turn off the gas.

Add raisins and give a good stir.

Let it get cool at room temperature. Turn it in the serving bowl.

Lace out silver vark on the top and keep in refrigerator.

Serve chilled.

The longer you cook, the better your Seviyan will be because they soak your love during constant stirring and monitoring of the dessert. This rule stands for most of the Indian desserts like halwas, laddoos and kheer. The milk in Seviyan gets thickened after getting cooked on low flame for hours. You can serve it hot or chilled and even at the room temperature as it tastes completely awesome in every form. For more extravagance, silver vark works best.

Eid Mubarak!