Fruits make up a healthy diet and fruity slushes are loved by people of all ages. When we talk about healthy​ food with taste and sweetness, fruits top the list. They are a storehouse of nutrients and antioxidants, which can fight diseases, provide energy and improve overall health. But if your kids find them little boring, make them interesting.

Including fruits in your child’s daily diet can strengthen their body’s immunity and boost their health. Here are 10 fruity recipes in the form of slushes and smoothies your kids would love.

Slushes –

Watermelon slush: Put chopped and deseeded one cup of watermelon cubes in a high-powered blender along with little ice and few drops of lemon. Blend on high speed until the ice is crushed and fruit is blended. Add few mint leaves while blending to give a special flavour.

Strawberry slush: Put one cup of chopped strawberries with half cup of ice cubes and little honey. Blend until all the ingredients blend smoothly. You may add basil leaves to give a yummy punch.

Litchi slush: Put one cup of chopped litchis after removing the seeds in a blender. Add half cup of ice. Blend till litchis and ice are completely crushed that can be sipped.

Mango slush: Put one cup of mango pieces with half cup of ice in a blender. Process until the ice is completely crushed and mango is blended smooth. You may add vanilla flavour to enhance the taste.

Kiwi slush: Put one cup of peeled and diced kiwis in a high-powered blender, adding half cup of ice and little honey. Blend till all the ingredients are crushed properly. Add few lemon drops to give a bit of lemonade feel.

Smoothies –

Mango and pineapple smoothie: Take half cup of diced mango and pineapple. Blend them together, adding little milk and ice until smooth.

Berries smoothie: Take half cup of strawberries, one-fourth cup of blueberries and one-fourth cup of raspberries. Add one tablespoon of honey, little milk and few cubes of ice. Blend until smooth.

Muskmelon and cherry smoothie: Take one cup of diced muskmelon and 10 to 12 cherries (deseeded). Blend them smooth, adding little ice and apple juice.

Banana and kiwi smoothie: Take half banana and half cup of peeled and diced kiwi. Add little milk and ice in it. Blend all until smooth.

Apple smoothie: Put one cup of peeled and diced apple in a blender along with little pomegranate juice and few ice-cubes. Blend until smooth.

These drinks are heavenly. The temperature will start to rise soon. To beat the heat and give your kids a complete fruity nutrition, we have come up with these easy solutions. Incorporate these sweet and luscious drinks and fruit salads full of nourishing goodness in their daily diet.