Top trendy hairstyles for men

Top trendy hairstyles for men

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Trendy hairstyles can give the much needed makeover to your look. It is important for men to get a hairstyle that goes with his looks and personality. Your profession may inspire your hairdo as we see a number of musicians with long dreads and funky hairstyles, writers, sculptors and composers with long locks. Keeping a well-groomed hair is important for everyone irrespective of gender. Hair, after all is considered the crowning glory, and the fascination for great styles continues. Give yourself a new look with few trendy haircuts and styles.

Length side-part comb over hairstyle: It is a versatile chic hairstyle that suits almost every face cut. Longer hair on top parted to the side or slicked back may give you a new look. So, grab the comb and give yourself a sleek look. You can wear this hairstyle with formals as well as casuals.

Short spiky quiff hairstyle: Short, spiky and quiff hairstyle serves dual purpose at one time. It is somehow messy and sleek all at once. This modern version is spiked at the top and can look any way you like, even if you prefer to wear it short and a little messy.

Medium length hairstyle with natural flow: This hairstyle is quite popular these days. Medium length hair cuts offer more flexibility in styling than both short and long hairstyles. The dishevelled or natural shaggy look is great for everyday while some styling and mousse can be used for special events.

Short hairstyles with textures: The combination of retro and sexy appeal with classic quiff is good option. A high pompadour is given a lift and combed back carefully. This hottest new trend has arrived with a big bang. From celebrities to commoners, all are rocking with this new look. This predominantly women’s haircut has made the men’s world go crazy for it.

Medium length pompadour hairstyle: With this hairstyle you can play up your natural texture like ‘Carey Mulligan’ for a more casual look. It is a versatile hairstyle that is easy to maintain. Incorporating texture into strands and ends combined with razor cut can transform your simple look into a more modern look.

People always judge you on the basis of your appearance, no matter how much you run away from it. Being a vital part of your appearance, your hairstyle should complement your features and overall presentation. All modern hairstyles are very much dependent on stylish tools and expert’s knowledge. For a modern finish look in any hairstyle, you may apply a texturising cream to your hair while still damp and use your finger tips to place the strands.

Yes! A good hairstyle that suits your face cut can give you the desired look.

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