The weird and the funny

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    June 13, 2017 | 6:07 am
The weird and the funny

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No matter how those amazing fashion designs and creations fascinate you and you watch them with awe, all that you see at glam ramp are not something you can step out in it. Yet, the fashion world is full of bizarre creations in the pursuit to design something unique, original and out of this world. Some attempt to look bizarre to stand out and make a mark. Many aspire to look like those gorgeous models and dress like them. While several models claim to dress casually while not at shows, celebrities, including music and movie stars are often seen in weird and funny clothes and hairdos. It could be the common man. Often, the desire to shock the world and attract attention can make some do the unthinkable.

Some of the fashion and style statements, as disastrous as they are, will make you laugh real hard.

Not too long ago, Maroon 5's Adam Levine, one of the judges on The Voice show, got himself a punk look with a shocking Mohawk makeover. The singer posted a picture of it on Instagram and captioned it: "This is what happens when you cut your own s**t". He then, in the last season of The Voice, got his hair dyed blonde and was made fun of by his co-judge Blake Shelton.

Actress Ashley Jensen from the Agatha Raisin movie once revealed in Glamour magazine that she, at one point of time, used a kettle as a handbag. If that is not bizarre enough, reality TV personality Kylie Jenner made news last year when she wore white lingerie for dinner at a restaurant. It looked like a mini dress with a plunging neckline.

And there was that time when Justin Bieber got a face tattoo. The pop star, along with close friend Joe Termini, got matching cross tattoos just below their left eyes, in 2016. "Justin Bieber got a face tattoo, does he think he's Lil Wayne or something?!" one user wrote on Twitter, then.

There are thousands of such funny fads which shocked the world, and the stars faced brickbats from their fans, while some simply adore their bizarre styles and try to do the same. And, there are the commoners, who try to dress like their favourite stars and end up looking even hilariously stranger.

This world of fame and fashion may not be all that nice and beautiful, but it thrives on madness and the bizarre. Such is the way of life, be that of the world of the high and mighty, the rich and the glamorous or the commons, which are strange and get stranger even more, each time.

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