Nail art today has evolved most creatively in the world of fashion and beauty. It has gone beyond colourful paint and simple sprinkling of shine and sparkles. Bringing alive all kinds of imagination to the fore and giving a new feminine twist and dash of style and glamour, little pretty designs and patterns now rules the nail art.

Beautifully painted nails add a dash of glamour to a woman's look and persona. But nail art is not only a matter of fashion but also passion. It's not only about creativity but also about feminine passion.

Now that summer is here and the sun burning bright, it's the time to flaunt your finely manicured nails with beautiful paints. Look out for new designs and try out some trendy nail art this season.

LED diamond nails is the hot trend this summer. It may take your persona to the next level. The sparkly nail paint can make your nails and hands look real pretty, bringing out the feminine and stylish side of you. Who needs diamond rings now? The glittery glass like tiny decorative pieces come in different colours, giving your nails a diamond like finish with rainbow affects.

Gorgeous gemstone patterns may make your nails look like jewellery. Paint them with your favourite fall shades and embellish them with delicate stones for a sophisticated look.

Half-moon with a twist – looks classic on red nails. The combo of red and gold gives a royal look.

Feather nail art. It requires real feathers as well as nail polish. Try beige as base colour, then flaunt this beautiful nail art by sticking small and thin real feathers in bright colours single line down alternate nails each hand.

It’s time to switch to your favourite summer pastels. It is as chic as it is seasonal. The drawing of leaves in a more subtle contrast can spice things up even more.

In this summer sunshine, these nail art ideas are sure to lift your spirits. Paint your nails to festive perfection.