Jewellery items are good gift option for both men and women. And, if you are wondering what to gift your loved one this Valentine, you can safely choose ear ornaments such as earrings, danglers and ear studs.

Beautifying oneself and adorning the ears with jewellery pieces of different kinds is an-age-old cultural tradition of societies across the world. Not only women, but men since olden days sported ear ornaments. Today, it has come to be a part of feminism, glamour and sophistication. It’s a fascination for many women to wear ear ornaments with precious gold, diamonds, rubies and emeralds. Sometimes, pretty earrings complete the dressing of a women for occasions.

While the market today its flooded with local makes and designer wears, the latest in fashion are the delicate appealing floret diamond ear studs. They come in many pretty designs. Whether designed in white or yellow gold, 14k or 18 k, the floral motif accessory makes a trendy style and fashion statement as casual as well as formal wears. The rubies, emeralds and other semi or precious stones studded around diamonds elevate their style quotient.

Their celebration comes by the virtue of the artistic and sophisticated allure they contribute to all kinds of fashions. Although they are more often suited with western outfits, intricately designed ones go well with traditional outfits too. They blend simplicity and fashion beautifully. So, this jewellery piece can be one of the most beautiful gifts to someone special this Valentine's Day.

However, when buying one, look for well cut, exceptional quality diamonds, their overall artistry and quality brands. The size of diamonds depends on your budget. They can be big or small. No matter what size, they are worth having to match with all your outfits.