It's mid December. Few more days and it would be Christmas. But, are you still shopping for something warm, yet trendy to wear? Or, are you having trouble making up your mind on what to wear this Christmas? Looking for something fashionable and warm for the night-long celebration?

If you are struggling or toying with the colour, dump the old favourite black or the usual Christmas red and white. For a change, go for deep shades of ochre, dark scarlet or crimson, strong mahagony, royal jade or deeper burgundy.

The dress! Oh yes, pick up some pretty lacy dress and top it up with a warm coat or jacket. Drop the usual warm pants or long dress and look drop dead gorgeous in a knitted or satin short dress. Pull on a warm poncho or a stole over it and paired it up with long calve-length boots to keep you warm enough.

The sweaters – those boat-neck loose, free-size short cardigans are back. Wear it over a longer figure hugging knitted or plain tops and paired it up with a narrow pant or straight skirts. You can also wear long and loose sweaters over tights or well-fitting leggings. These loose, big sweaters never go out of fashion. They look good and are comfortable.

Leggings – These days, well-fitted leggings in different designs and colours are available in big or small shops. They go well with long cardigans or jackets. They keep you warm too.

Mufflers, stoles and neck warmers come in myriad of patterns, designs and colours to choose from. You can team them up with whatever you wear, a dress, or trouser or a skirt. They come in handy when you wear is not warm enough. They also make a great style statement.

Don't forget the shoes. Pick up a well-covered pair of shoes or boots which colour would blend nicely with the clothes you would be wearing. There may not be too many colours to choose from, but a black pair will never fail you. It can be worn with any colour dress.

Now, you are set with a few must haves. Get dressing and look your best this Christmas and through the New Year.