Meditation with yoga helps to direct our mind on a well-lighted path to attain positivity or virtue and our body to attain a wholesome health. Unite your spirit and physical body using meditation with yoga for endless physical, mental, spiritual and emotional healing and well being. It’s a perfect mantra to restrain anxiety and stress, feel the pleasure of deep relaxation and heal chronic illnesses.

Breathing practice with meditation can help you feel happier and healthier. Deepen your practice with a mindful embrace. It will bring you closer to a much desired delightful life. You’ll feel focussed by restoring mental balance and eliminating stress and anxiety. The more positive your thoughts are, the calmer and more peaceful your mind will be. It’s a way to experience ecstasy from deep within even in the most difficult situations. Small day-to-day things keep on upsetting us. Petty things snatch away our peace and glee. We need to keep our mind in tune with peace and positivity through meditation with breathing exercises.

Proven health benefits of meditation when practiced with yoga consistently

Your mind will be clearer and more focussed, keeping your thoughts away from distraction.

The careful recognition of the sensation of your deep breaths entering and leaving your nostrils may make your concentration and retaining power stronger.

You’ll definitely experience mental calm, inner peace, relaxation and contentment with an improved overall fitness, flexibility, strength and well-being.

It may remove toxins from deep inside your body making you feel refreshed internally.

Yoga exercises and meditation may improve your relationships gradually and difficult situations may become easier to handle. They may make you learn to look for the good in all things. The combo may help to reduce stress and hence stress-related diseases like high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, depression, anxiety disorders and other physical ailments like diabetes, stiffness in muscles, higher levels of cholesterol, increased weight, cell deterioration, severe backache and arthritis etc.. They strengthen the immune system.

Practicing both simultaneously may bring behavioural changes in you that may lead to increased self-esteem, better eating habits, enhanced awareness about your body and an improved desire to keep it fit. Both are century old practices to enjoy good health, a well-toned body and beautiful skin.

Yoga practice with meditation may improve your body posture while standing, sitting, walking or sleeping. It may help you move better, prevent injuries caused due to overexertion and feel less fatigued. They may bring peace and harmony in the world by providing an opportunity to everyone to attain self-acceptance and harmonious social skills.

Modern life is full of stressful situations, exhaustion from long hours of working, lack of sleep, anxiety disorders and a long list of stress related sicknesses. Combining meditation with yoga for few minutes every day may improve your quality of life. Just shut your eyes. Sit in an erect posture anywhere even at your desk. Relax your muscles and practice deep breathing exercises. You’ll feel better in everything you do daily.