Dining out: Eat smart to look good!

Dining out: Eat smart to look good!

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Eating out could be fun, but could add to your worries. It could cause many health problems, including weight gain. So, the next time you dine out or hit the streets for fast food, be a little concious of what you eat. Choose less fattening food and keep calories in check. Here are few tips to help you watch your weight while eating out.

1 Avoid deep fried food or dishes on the menu. Opt for baked or steamed food.

2 Choose to begin with salads and soups which are healthier. It would give you a filling sensation and may make you eat lesser yet keep you satisfied.

3 Avoid that extra spoon of sauce or cream to the food that you consume.

4 If you choose to have a non-veg dish, pick the ones with thinly sliced meat.

5 Have food made of healthy flours with low calories such as millets and multigrain.

6 Control the portion of food to consume. Start with lesser or smaller portion and eat slowly as you soak in the ambience of the place.

7 Also be conscious of what you drink, be it cocktails or mocktails.

Choose your food smartly, control your weight, stay slim and look good!

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