This Mother’s Day, shower your mom with love-filled surprises!


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While she deserves the best, a ‘Thank You’ note for your mom can do wonders.

Mom’s heart is a true paradise. There is nothing bigger than her selfless love and unconditional blessings. She has been nurturing you since you were in her womb. She smiled and clapped on your first step. She got hurt when you fell. She loves you more than herself even before seeing you. A mother is the only creation who can genuinely love you for what you are.

Wonderfully precious and truly powerful, she plays the most influential role in your life. She feels every pulse of yours with all compassion and emotions. This Mother’s Day make your mom feel special like a mystic icon with few surprises straight from your heart.

Stumped on how to entertain your mommy? A few days prior to Mother’s Day, ask her for a list of services she desires from you on her leisure day. She may be wanting some time for a little more rest and relaxation. get vouchers for each of these services and redeem them on this day.

Throw the best-ever Mother’s Day breakfast in her celebration. Host it outdoor in your backyard or terrace or in her bed whichever she would prefer. It may be a brunch fit for a queen: Mocktail and starters followed by her favourite main course dish. Wrap it up with a tempting sweet-dish that may make these moments even more special. Don’t permit her to get indulged in any of the household chores.

Making your own hand-made flowers and ‘I Love You’ pop up card is a cute idea to give a smile on her face. You may make a unique personalised poster celebrating all the fabulous things about her. She’ll really cherish it. A beautiful bunch of pretty roses made with coloured paper sheets may be one of the most amazing and gorgeous home-made gifts by you that can adore her.

Giving her the royal treatment with a luxurious spa gift basket is also a good idea. Build your own basket choosing from a wide variety of organic bath and body care products. Women just love them. Wrap it beautifully and make her feel pampered.

The celebration can also be by way of watching a nice family movie or play in a theatre. Laughter, tears and love you’ll share together can make those moments touching and memorable.

The possibilities are endless, but one thing is for sure that can make your mom feel lucky. Take her to her favourite place. It may be a bookstore, museum or restaurant. There’s no better way to show your love and care for her on this day.

 A picture is worth a thousand words. Last but not the least, gift her a nice digital picture frame showing off her multiple photos in different poses. One of the easiest way to make her feel out of the world is to put together a slide show or video of her memorable moments to showcase.  

 While it isn’t precisely a rule that you need to come bearing these surprises on this special day, it is just a nice gesture for all her sacrifices and hardships. A ‘Thank You’ note can do wonders. Make her the feast of your eyes. Show her patience, respect and trust. This special creation of God is your mother. Truly divine! 

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